If someone gave you one dollar we can safely assume that the one dollar wouldn’t  be able to purchase anything meaningful, but what if ten people each gave you one dollar ? Now you’ve got lunch. We appreciate every donation, and our beneficiaries will appreciate the donations even more. Donations of one dollar, or donations of  thousands of dollars become the sparks of life for those less fortunate than us ! The accumulated dollars can provide housing to a family displaced by a storm, or feed a family that has fallen on hard times, or provide infant formula to the struggling mother who can’t afford to feed her baby. Whatever the amount you can spare to give will be appreciated. Please, Be the spark for someone today. Please give $1.00, $5.00, $10.00, or more- it adds up! 

Be a spark and help light the way for a cause or person close to you! Don’t be shy, every dollar can help make a tremendous difference in someone’s life! Donating money isn’t the only way to light the way!  Donating time, ideas and products can also help those in need ! 

“Be the Spark” has no paid employees. Remember, we are an approved 501c3 tax exempt charity so please be sure to retain a record of your donation for tax season!